Having an accident is very stressful. You may have injuries and be high on emotions in this situation which makes it difficult to stay calm and focused. But it is important to get a hold of your emotions and take some important steps after an accident. If the accident is minor, move your vehicle to a safe place from the road. But if the accident is major and your vehicle is not drivable then call a towing service to get help. If it is your first time using a towing service then you should know the following things about towing:

  • Methods of towing: Accident towing services in Albury have different methods of towing available for different vehicles. Towing vehicle specifications depend upon the load. A light duty tow truck is used in case of minor truck accidents or when a vehicle needs to be towed to the mechanic shop. These trucks use dolly towing to lift two front wheels off the ground and tow the truck on its back wheels. Medium duty trucks are used to handle loads from 4,500 kg to 11,000 kg and use a flatbed trailer. They are used to transport moving vans and commercial vehicles. Heavy-duty trucks can carry 23000 kg load. Heavy duty tow trucks are used to tow tractors, trailers, trucks and even tour buses. You have the freedom to choose the method of towing when you call accident towing services in Albury.

  • Check for certification: When you call for an accident towing service, make sure they have a certification. Going with a certified towing company will ensure that your vehicle will be safely towed. Also, check for the experience because more experienced the towing company better will be your experience.

  • Things to tell when you call: When you call an accident towing service in Albury, tell them your exact location, vehicle model, and registration number, the status of your vehicle, whether it is damaged, trapped or stuck in the embankment and about the road conditions. When the dispatcher arrives at the location ask him or her to show their business operating license.

  • Towing charges: Charges of accident towing services include tow fee, distance charges, working or delay fee, extra equipment fee, and vehicle storage charges. Distance charges are generally calculated by kilometers. Working or delay is calculated on the basis of time the dispatcher waited at the scene. Vehicle storage charges are incurred if you keep your vehicle in storage yard of the towing company.

  • Laws are different in every state: Every state has different laws for towing. It is better if you have the proper knowledge of the towing laws in the state you are traveling in. When you are towing from one state to another, make sure your towing company is aware of the laws and necessary permits for that state.