Who hasn’t had the nightmarish experience of their car breaking down in the middle of the road? Just being stuck in the middle of a highway praying for a stranger to come by and help you. Whether your work requires travelling or you love travelling, breakdown towing services come in handy for all.

It is true that you won’t always get service at the earliest considering many factors. But at least you’ll know that help is on the way instead of wondering whom to call.            

Types of Breakdown towing services include:

24/7 breakdown towing services are generally offered in two different packages-

High Tech installations:

The first type of assistance is where high tech systems will be installed in your car. Your car will be tracked through satellite at all times via sensors which will track everything in your car journey. Instant help will be offered to you effectively through this system.

Rescue via Phone Call:

Through this option of roadside assistance all you’ll have to do is call. This may not sound like a feasible option in your time of distress, they won’t ask you to explain the technicalities of the problem but instead send assistance as early as they can. You will be provided with a card with a yearly subscription and must call the number provided in the card through your registered phone number. Help will be sent soon after that.

Choosing the right type of breakdown towing services will essentially make it easier for you to recover your vehicle in the shortest span of time. There are several breakdown towing services in Wodonga
 which offer the best services as per your needs.

You’re probably wondering how would you know which company will be the most convenient for you. Here are a few things to consider before choosing a towing company:


When you consider quality services during a breakdown, you should always prefer the company which has been in the market for a long time. Let’s face it! Experience matters and handling such situations efficiently require experience in this field. There are many companies who are as old as a 100 years and offer the best services but they are generally more expensive. It is always advisable to choose a pro when you require recovery services.


Choosing a company with a prompt and understanding customer service team is a prerequisite. They will help you when required and can call them anytime for assistance. Make sure that the company you choose has a well-trained team of customer service who are patient and available 24/7.


We all love discounts and when we have a tight budget, a discount is a blessing in disguise. Always look for companies who offer discounts online for towing services. This will help you get your work done without shelling away all your savings.

Do your research properly before choosing a breakdown towing Service Company and keep an eye out for the online discounts!