Salvage Towing

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Is your vehicle stuck, have you ran off the road into a ditch, rolled down a mountain side, slid off the road in the snow, or heavy rain, gotten bogged out at the Hume weir, bogged in your front yard, where ever you require assistance, we can help.

We have the knowledge & specialised recovery vehicles that can get you out of trouble, no matter how bad it seems. With a recovery reach of up to 150 meters from firm ground, nothing stops us, we have the expertise & the towing equipment to get the job done.

We often employ local crane services to assist in the recovery of vehicles that most people would think are impossible to recover.

Most salvage work is covered by your insurance company, so give us a call to discuss what’s happened & we will advise if the incident is covered by your insurer, & help you liase with them, if it isn't, we can advise the most cost effective way to get the job done.

Just call our 24/7 towing hotline on 02 6025 7444.

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