Frequently Asked Questions

How much to tow my car?

Tows starting as low as $75.00

Do you price match?

We will endeavour to match any price & quite often beat the price you may have been quoted from another towing firm, as long as it was a fully RMS licenced & insured tow truck operator that quoted the job.

Are cheap tows offered on sites such as Facebook etc. worth the risk?

In short, no! Ask them, are they licenced by the RMS? Ask to see a copy of their on hook & goods in transit insurance, ask to see their tow truck drivers certificate, if they can’t supply these, look elsewhere!

Why don’t I hire a trailer & do it myself?

That’s fine, just make sure that the trailer you hire can legally carry the load that you are towing, make sure the vehicle you are towing the trailer with can handle the load legally, then take out the necessary insurance required so that you vehicle is covered in case of an accident. I see people all the time go & hire a trailer for around $80.00, get a mate to come & help, because they needed his vehicle to tow the trailer, spend an hour loading it & drive away, still not legal & un-insured because the car on the trailer is overweight & the car on the trailer is not correctly tied down. Why risk thousands of $$$$$ in fines, when we could have done the job for under $100.00, fully licenced & insured.

Are tows more expensive after hours?

For general trade towing (private jobs) we offer a 24-hour price, lunchtime on a Wednesday or 3.00am on a Sunday morning, the same great price.

Can you bill my insurance company direct?

Yes, most types of towing is able to be billed direct to your insurer.

Can you tow 24hrs a day, 365 days a year?


Do you take Eftpos / Credit Cards?


What is the maximum weight you can tow?

4 Tonne.

What are your maximum tilt tray pay load dimensions?

6600 mm x 2300mm

Can you tow motorbikes?

Yes, we can tow motorbikes on our tilt tray & also have several specialised motorbike trailers at our disposal.

Can you salvage bogged vehicles?

Yes, we are the experts, see the accident & salvage towing page on this site.

Do you offer roadside assistance services?

Yes, see our breakdown towing page on this site.

Can you replace my battery?

Yes, 24hrs a day. We stock a wide range of the most common batteries & can supply & fit them 24hrs a day at very competitive prices. We use & recommend Century Batteries.

Can you tow more than one vehicle?

Yes, up to three at a time with one truck.

Do you do long distance towing?

Yes, we tow all over the east coast. See our car carrying page on this site.

Do you tow things other than cars?

Yes, we will tow anything on wheels & a lot of things that aren’t, please call us, you will be surprised what we can move.

Can you tow my car & trailer at once?

Yes. We can load your damaged or broken down vehicle on the truck & your boat, caravan & or any type of trailer can be towed behind the tow truck.

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