How amazing it is when the vacation you plan with your friends, family or colleagues, becomes a reality. You pack your necessities (loads of food, of course!), fill up the car with fuel and get ready for the much-needed stress buster that will help you tolerate your management for another month. But then, things can take a turn for the worse. Like it did for Ray.

Ray is a journalist whose daily work included running around the celebrities for all the gossip that made her living. This vacation with her family meant a lot to her; it was her week off in months. She needed it.  Ray stayed in the outskirts of the city. All set for the journey, she loaded her car and the trip started with much fervor. Slowly, they grazed across the buildings which were thinning away as the car greeted the growing forest on both sides of the road. She could see numerous cars speeding along with her, probably all of them on a weekend getaway like her.


Minutes turned into hours, as the morning sunshine turned into the warm light of the afternoon. Her younger brother was growing impatient with hunger. It had been hours before the entire family hogged on the ham and cheese sandwiches. Pondering over the very thought she took a sharp turn on the road, she was familiar with since childhood. After all, the road that takes you to your Nanna’s place is the most loved by the grandkids! Little did she know what came in pursuit.

Her sharp turn brought her right in front of the sanitation truck that was punctured a while ago. They had lost control over the huge vehicle and slid down to the side of the curve. Ray quickly gained maximum control over the vehicle; however, the two vehicles collided, damaging the front of both. Luckily, no damage to the passengers were caused. 

Now, two vehicles stood at a standstill. Both wondering what to do next. What would you do now? Many incidents happen on the roads. Accidents, flat tires, towing of vehicles - these incidents are commonly seen by many while we travel places. What tools and contact numbers should you carry on you? Let’s check them out–

  1. Medical Kit - This is a must, during both long journeys and short distance travel. Anything and absolutely anything can go wrong at any time. You should supply disinfectant liquid, cotton, bandages, healing cream and plastic pouches. Remember, this should be handy and should be accessible to all.
  1. Contact Numbers - Always carry on you the contact numbers of medical help & the local authorities. In case of any emergency, these contact numbers should be on your speed dial. Also, keep the numbers of the known people who can come to your aid at such moments.
  1. Emergency Towing Services - Do not depend on the local authorities to call the towing services to carry your vehicle. Emergency towing services are needed for two main reasons - One, these services can carry your vehicle straight to the garage for repairing purposes. Second, the insurance agencies will need to inspect your vehicle for releasing the insurance amount.

These towing services can help, both the authorities and the locals, with towing the vehicles. For the authorities, these private towing services can be an added bonus for clearing the roads, for towing away vehicles parked in the ‘No Parking’ zone swiftly, for carrying new vehicles to their owners, or simply assistance to remove your vehicle stuck in a pit, that has slid down the mountain and/ simply broken down. 

Isn’t this a wonderful way to be prepared while you travel? Better safe than sorry right? Plus, your vehicle is costly, can’t afford to leave your beloved, unchecked. Oh, about Ray? Yeah, the emergency towing, vehicle helped her and the sanitation truck too, and got to their respective destinations.